SALZKAMMERGUT 22.-24.3.2011

Astronomischer Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut (AAS)

Several "Stargazers" - On the way to the astronomers of AAS we did a short visit at the monastery of Kremsmünster.

Here is the oldest high-rise building of Europe. On the top is an old observatory.

First meeting of two extremely dedicated and enthusiastic people.

Visit at "observatory-village" of Gahberg

Big and little telescopes are sharing the observatory-space at Gahberg

Our Iranian guest is very interested and captures everything with his camera.

Erwin Filimon (chairman of AAS) proudly presents to Babak some photographic results made by AAS-members.

From right to left - Filimon Erwin, Babak Tafreshi, Johannes Stübler

"The big boss" personally cares for his guests ......

... and they like it and the hospitably, springtime ambience at the observatory of Gahberg too.

Whoever has choice has torment - Anyway! at first everything has to be captured by film :-)
Erwin is giving some recommendations to choose the right pieces of cake.

TWAN-lecture at restaurant Frickh (Schörfling)


The observatory of AAS on Gahberg. This picture was taken by Babak Tafreshi.

A fotoreport concerning the Gahberg-workshop(23.3.) is comimg soon.

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