Above the actual view of the rotating dome

On the road

First tests at night

Base for my ASTROTRAILER is a used motorcycle- trailer.

At first I had to adapt the trailer for the transport of my special parts for the rotating foldable "dome".

Using this wooden construction I managed the 100 kilometers long transport.

After some measurements and sketches I bought wood and started building the construction. I used glue laminated wood from the nearby do-it-yourselfe store.

It was a great feeling to be inside the planned small rolling observatory for the first time :-)

Here you can see the doorway

Here you can see my first successful trials to use old printer plates (only 0,3mm thicknes) to cover the wood of the trailer.

The plates are glued to the wood with contact cement

The plates edge to edge are covered by a thin stripe of aluminium.

A cover protects my construction site against bad weather conditions and humidity.

Using some old iron parts I welded holder for the pillars.

First fitting trials for the solar cell panel. I want to use "starlight" to operate my startrailer ;-)

An important advantage of my construction is, that I can seperate the trailer from my self supporting construction, so in future I can use the trailer for any purpose and it is easy to check and maintain the trailer.

The door is already finished

Next time I will finish covering the wood and after this I will start constructing the foldable rotating "dome".

Proceeding -flashing+support wheel+construction of castors for rotating base


2011, Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft