A true story and a real proof of the spirit of AWB

Following an example for the living ideas and spirit of Astronomers Without Borders. As Mike Simmons (President of AWB) commented in his e-mail: "This is what AWB is all about !"

Transboundary friendship & global sharing of enthusiasm and passion bursting all limits.

In the following example not only enthusiasm was shared across all borders but astronomical equipment too ;-)

For Azhy Hasan (National AWB-Coordinator for Iraq/Kurdistan) a dedicated amateur astronomer, living in the Kurdish area of Iraq, a dream has become true !
Nazar Sallam (National AWB-coordinator for United Arab Emirates) has big-hearted fulfilled his wishes !
Nazar Sallam is an extremely active amateur astronomer. He has designed some mobile astronomical observatories and he is travelling around his country to show the wonders of our universe to his local people. He is an big idol for my own little Astrotrailer-project (
He is very experienced using mobile observatories for astronomical public outreach work and I am already in contact with him, concerning this. For the future I am making plans for a trip with my Astrotrailer to countries of  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and someday I hope to meet him face to face.

Following the original words of Azhy and this wonderful little story.


******************************** e-mail from 9.2.2011.*******************************

Hi my dear friends

It is so hard to find a telescope in Iraq in theses hard days, and if you try to requesting and buying a telescope by Internet you will facing with big problems of shipping processes, it is a risky thing to buy a telescope and shipped to Iraq.

2 months ago I was looking for a good telescope for my own self and for both home and sidewalk activities using too...But after all I was facing with big problems, the final one was from the telescope producers it self, Meade company no longer will producing this kind of telescope! Some friends promised to helping me and find a way to have this telescope, even if it was a second hand one... Finlay...There was a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT in the end of this dark, complicate and long tunnel. Kindly...Read this little story to find out more :) Regards 


******************************** e-mail End.*******************************


Nazar Sallam (National AWB-Coordinator for the United Arab Emirates)

Following videolinks are showing his astronomical outreach work !

100 Hours Of Astronomy - UAE , by Nazar Sallam

Astronomy is my life



An here ist the lucky man - Azhy Ch. Hasan:

Azhy Ch. Hasan

President of Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan / Iraq.
Iraqi National Coordinator for AWB
Member of Iraq for Saturn Observation Campaign.- JPL -2008-2010.
Iraqi Ambassador for International Star Peace Project.
Member of The Cloud Appreciation Society-UK.
Member of International Federation of Journalists.

2011, Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft