Astronomical Dictionary

In late 1996 I decided for private reasons to compile a list of astronomical words in German, English and French. Many of these words will probably used by amateur astronomers during observing sessions, star parties or for reading magazines. The result of my work is offered here on the WWW. A similar project from Veikko Makela in Finland was very helpful for me. Other contributions came from Philippe Haake, Brian A. Skiff, David Smith, Bill Arnett, Eric Maire, Wolfgang "Howdii" Howurek, Norbert Haley, François Quesnel, Patrick Roth, Michel Lecompte, Jean Marc Becker, Stéphane Gragnic and D. Césari.

I am sure there are still mistakes in the list. If you have any corrections, amendmends or suggestions, please e-mail them.

In order not to have a too long list, I split it into two parts:

You can also download the list as an Excel 97/98 Zip file (version 1.2 of March 2001, 20 KB).

I would be glad if this list were useful for some astronomically interested websurfers. By the way, this list was even mentioned in the 10/98 edition of Sky & Telescope ("Astronomy Online - Cruising the Club Scene", pp. 65 - 66)!

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