The month before during a short visit to the observatory I had the pleasure to see the old refractor and the new telescope at the same time.
The long serving old refractor is now exhibited in the Kammerhof-museum and was replaced by the new Cassegrain telescope.

In the Kammerhof-museum of Gmunden Hagen Tolle gave a lecture presenting the local observatory of Gmunden.
I had the honour to introduce  Mike Simmons, President of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), as live-guest via Skype !

Hagen Tolle - director of the observatory of Gmunden - asked some questions to Mike.

I was really happy, that my mobile technical equipment was working fine and we had a good connection to Mike in California,
who told some interesting informations about AWB, it's enthusiastic people and it's misssion :-)

After the lecture we had a nice "first light event" & a public starparty.



The new 30 cm Cassegrain-telescope is fully computer controlled and is working perfectly !

Hagen Tolle - really happy - proudly presented: First light with webcam, showing planet Saturn !



2011, Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft