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Valentin Grigore

Great pictures and thoughts collected during IYA2009 can be found on following Romanian website:

Even this year, the idea of living AWB's mission doing a trip with my "AWB-CAR" was alive.

2 European countries (Romania & Hungary) have been on my target this year.


 In Targoviste I met Valentin Grigore (SARM) and Paul Roggemans from Belgium (IMO) during GAM 2011 and "30 days of Star Peace"  (16.-18.)

Valentin Grigore the President of SARM and AWB-NC of Romania  has his own astronomy broadcast every Saturday !

It was a great pleasure to be part of this , by Internet already well known, live broadcast  in reality.

It's always a great pleasure to meet somebody in person you have got to know via Internet.

Valentin has already announced us as "special guests" one week before

Valentin is doing the last preperations and decorations for our astronomy-broadcast

ON AIR :-)

The discussion was done in Romanian language, and we had a  permanent translation in English via earplug and we answered
 in English and our answer was translated to Romanian language.

Presenting some of my activities in Autria concerning GAM/AWB/TWAN




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